used in some models produced after 1990's (e.g. Toyota Land Cruiser, Carina, Camry)


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FP  Fuel pump voltage control
W  Self-diagnostic codes (Check engine light)
E1  Ground
Ox  Lambda sensor out voltage control
TE  Engine self-diagnostic codes
Te1  Engine self-diagnostic codes
Te2  Engine self-diagnostic codes
CC2  Second lambda sensor diagnostic
Tc  ABS, traction control, Hight Control and other system diagnostic codes
OP2  Diagnostic K-Line
+B  +12V
VF1  Vf-feedback voltage
VF2  Vf-feedback voltage for second lambda sensor
Ox2  Second Lambda sensor out voltage control
Ts  ABS speed sensor and traction control diagnostic codes
Tt  Automatic transmission diagnostic codes
OP3  Diagnostic L-line
TD  air-powered suspension turn off (LS400)
T  Engine self-diagnostic codes
OP1  Immobilizer self-diagnostic codes
IG- Ignition Pulse output


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23 pin Toyota proprietary of Toyota old diagnostic connector connector layout
23 pin Toyota proprietary connector
at the Toyota car