obd-2 used in most KIA models after 1996's


Pin Signal Description
1   IGN control
2 BUS(+) SCP  
4 CGND Chassis ground
5 SGND Signal ground
6 CAN High J-2284
7 K-LINE (ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)
8 K-Line ABS diagnostic
10 BUS(-)SCP  
14 CAN Low J-2284
16 +12v Battery power



 ISO 9141 protocol mostly used, except Kia Optima, Kia Sorento (KWP 2000)

Here are some schemes of OBD-II diagnostic cables

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16 pin J1962 OBD-2 car proprietary of Kia OBD II diagnostic connector connector layout
16 pin J1962 OBD-2 car proprietary connector
at the KIA car