uses standard micro-usb cable


Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VCC, V_BUS_IN Red +5 VDC
2 D- White USB Data -
3 D+ Green USB Data +
4 ID_CON   Mode Detect
5 GND Black Ground


For most Android based Samsung Phones, there is a special circuit used to detect various forms of accessories, including UART, and download modes (aka. JIGs) . The various modes are determined by a resistive load between ID_CON and GND. These are often controlled and described by a FSA9280A chip (or like it).

Also compatible with any Samsung phone that accept micro-usb connector (All Galaxy, Wave and Ativ models).

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5 pin Micro USB A, Micro USB B plug схематический вид разъема
5 pin Micro USB A, Micro USB B plug разъем
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