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5 pin Micro-USB Type A, Type B receptacle схематический вид разъема
5 pin Micro-USB Type A, Type B receptacle разъем
at the cell phone
5 pin Micro USB A, Micro USB B plug схематический вид разъема
5 pin Micro USB A, Micro USB B plug разъем
at the cable
Pinout compatibility:
  • Samsung :) (Smiley) SGH-T359
  • Samsung Acclaim (SCH-r880)
  • Samsung Admire (SCH-r720)
  • Samsung Array (SPH-m390)
  • Samsung B3310
  • Samsung B3410
  • Samsung B5702
  • Samsung B5722
  • Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro
  • Samsung B7620
  • Samsung Beam (i8520)
  • Samsung Beat DISC (M6710)
  • Samsung Beat Techno (M2520)
  • Samsung Beat Twist (M2710)
  • Samsung Behold 2 (SGH-t939)
  • Samsung Blink (SCH-a817)
  • Samsung Blue Earth (S7550)
  • Samsung Brightside (SCH-u380)
  • Samsung C5510
  • Samsung Caliber (SCH-r850)
  • Samsung Captivate (SGH-i897)
  • Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-i927)
  • Samsung Ch@t (B3410W)
  • Samsung Chrono (SCH-r260)
  • Samsung Chrono (SCH-r261)
  • Samsung Code (SCH-i220)
  • Samsung Conquer 4G (SPH-d600)
  • Samsung Continuum (SCH-i400)
  • Samsung Contour (SCH-r250)
  • Samsung Convoy 2 (SCH-u660)
  • Samsung Corby (S3650)
  • Samsung Corby Beat (M3710)
  • Samsung Corby Pro (D5310)
  • Samsung Corby TXT (B3210)
  • Samsung Cricket (SPH-m220)
  • Samsung Dart (SGH-t499)
  • Samsung Diva (S7070)
  • Samsung Diva Folder (S5150)
  • Samsung DoubleTime (SGH-i857)
  • Samsung Droid Charge (SGH-i510)
  • Samsung E1390
  • Samsung Ego (S9402)
  • Samsung Emporio Armani (M7500)
  • Samsung Epic 4G (SPH-d700)
  • Samsung Eternity ll (SGH-a597)
  • Samsung Exclaim (SPH-m550)
  • Samsung Exec (SCH-i225)
  • Samsung Exhibit II 4G (SGH-t679)
  • Samsung Factor (SPH-m260)
  • Samsung Fascinate (SCH-i500)
  • Samsung Flight ll (SGH-a927)
  • Samsung Focus (SGH-i917)
  • Samsung Focus 2 (SGH-i667)
  • Samsung Focus Flash (SGH-i677)
  • Samsung Focus S (SGH-i937)
  • Samsung Freeform (SCH-r350)
  • Samsung Freeform 4 (SCH-r390)
  • Samsung Freeform III (SCH-r380)
  • Samsung Galaxy (GT-i7500)
  • Samsung Galaxy (i6500U)
  • Samsung Galaxy Appeal (SGH-i827)
  • Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G (SCH-r920)
  • Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate (SGH-i577)
  • Samsung Galaxy Indulge (SCH-r910)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-i9220)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-i717)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-t879)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (SGH-t889)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-l900)
  • Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos (GT-S5302)
  • Samsung Galaxy Rush (SPH-m830)
  • Samsung Galaxy S (i9000)
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G (SGH-t959V)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Aviator (SCH-r930)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G (SGH-t769)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-i777)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-t989)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-d710)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (SGH-i727)
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G (SCH-r940)
  • Samsung Galaxy SL (GT-i9003)
  • Samsung Galaxy Spica (SGH-i5700)
  • Samsung Galaxy Stellar (SCH-i410)
  • Samsung Gem (SCH-i100)
  • Samsung Genoa (C3510)
  • Samsung Google Nexus S
  • Samsung Gravity 3 (SGH-t479)
  • Samsung Gravity Smart SGH-T589
  • Samsung Gravity Touch (SGH-t669)
  • Samsung Gravity TXT (SGH-t379)
  • Samsung Gusto (SCH-u360)
  • Samsung Gusto 2 (SCH-u365)
  • Samsung Haven (SCH-u320)
  • Samsung I5700
  • Samsung I6500U Galaxy
  • Samsung i8000 Omnia ll
  • Samsung i8510 Innov8
  • Samsung Illusion (SCH-i110)
  • Samsung Indulge (SCH-r915)
  • Samsung Infuse 4G (SGH-i997)
  • Samsung Instinct HD (SPH-m850)
  • Samsung Intensity 2 (SCH-u460)
  • Samsung Intensity III (SCH-u485)
  • Samsung Intercept (SPH-m910)
  • Samsung Intrepid (SPH-i350)
  • Samsung Jet (S8000)
  • Samsung Jitterbug Plus (SCH-r220Z)
  • Samsung Lindy (M5650)
  • Samsung M200
  • Samsung M2510
  • Samsung M3200 Beats
  • Samsung M630 Highnote
  • Samsung Marvel (S5560)
  • Samsung Mesmerize (SCH-i500)
  • Samsung Messager 3 (SCH-r570)
  • Samsung Messager II (SCH-r560)
  • Samsung Moment (SPH-m900)
  • Samsung Monte Bar (C3200)
  • Samsung MyShot 2 (SCH-r460)
  • Samsung Mythic (SGH-a897)
  • Samsung Nexus S 4G (SPH-d720)
  • Samsung Omnia HD (i8910)
  • Samsung Omnia LITE (B7300)
  • Samsung Omnia M (GT-s7530)
  • Samsung Pixon 12 (M8910)
  • Samsung Preston (S5600)
  • Samsung R630 Messager Touch
  • Samsung Rant (SPH-m540)
  • Samsung Reality (SCH-u820)
  • Samsung Reclaim (SPH-m560)
  • Samsung Replenish (SPH-m580)
  • Samsung Repp (SCH-r680)
  • Samsung Restore (SPH-m570)
  • Samsung Rugby II (SGH-a847)
  • Samsung Rugby Smart (SGH-i847)
  • Samsung S3030
  • Samsung S3100
  • Samsung s3550 Shark 3
  • Samsung S5600V
  • Samsung S5630C
  • Samsung S6700
  • Samsung S7220 Ultra B
  • Samsung S7330
  • Samsung S7350 Ultra S
  • Samsung S8300
  • Samsung Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
  • Samsung SCH-R470 Twostep
  • Samsung SCH-w699
  • Samsung Seek (SPH-m350)
  • Samsung SGH-a157
  • Samsung SGH-a187
  • Samsung SGH-a197
  • Samsung SGH-g810
  • Samsung SGH-i200
  • Samsung SGH-t159
  • Samsung SGH-T219
  • Samsung SGH-t249
  • Samsung SGH-t259
  • Samsung SGH-t369
  • Samsung SGH-z630
  • Samsung Showcase (SCH-i500)
  • Samsung Sidekick 4G (SGH-t839)
  • Samsung Solstice 2 (SCH-a817)
  • Samsung SPH-m240
  • Samsung SPH-m320
  • Samsung SPH-m330
  • Samsung SPH-M360
  • Samsung SPH-m370
  • Samsung SPH-M820 Galaxy Prevail
  • Samsung Stratosphere (SCH-i405)
  • Samsung Strive (SGH-a687)
  • Samsung Stunt (SCH-r100)
  • Samsung Suede (SCH-r710)
  • Samsung Transfix (SCH-r730)
  • Samsung Transform (SPH-m920)
  • Samsung Transform Ultra (SPH-m930)
  • Samsung Trender (SPH-m380)
  • Samsung Vibrant / SGH-T959 / T-Mobile Galaxy S
  • Samsung Vitality (SCH-r720)
  • Samsung Wave (S8500)
uses standard micro-usb cable


Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VCC, V_BUS_IN Red +5 VDC
2 D- White USB Data -
3 D+ Green USB Data +
4 ID_CON   Mode Detect
5 GND Black Ground


For most Android based Samsung Phones, there is a special circuit used to detect various forms of accessories, including UART, and download modes (aka. JIGs) . The various modes are determined by a resistive load between ID_CON and GND. These are often controlled and described by a FSA9280A chip (or like it).

Also compatible with any Samsung phone that accept micro-usb connector (All Galaxy, Wave and Ativ models).

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