Rear Of Connector

1   Ground

R video out – component Pb/Cb or composite (composite video out activated by grounding ID2 and ID3, component video out activate by grounding ID2).

3   G video out – component Y
4   B video out – component Pr/Cr
5   USB +5V power
6   USB +5V power
7   USB Data + (pos)
8   USB Data - (neg)
9   Ground
10   Audio Out Right


  Audio Out Left
12   Pwr/Mode Button (tie to ground to activate)
13   Playback Mode Button (tie to ground to activate)
14   Audio in Right
15   Audio in Left
16   IR input
17   Trig Digital Output
18   Ground
19   ID1 digital input
20   ID2 digital input
21   ID3 digital input
22   ID4 digital input
23   Adapter Output – Power Output for External Equipment (Follows internal battery power).
24   Adapter Output – Power Output for External Equipment (Switched - powered when camera is on)
25   VBat + (Pos) external power input
26   VBat + (Pos) external power input
27   Ground
28   DATA interface I2C
29   CLK interface I2C
30   Ground


30 pin iPOD proprietary of GoPro Hero 1 & 2 Rear Connector connector layout
30 pin iPOD proprietary connector
at the Socket
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