Sony A/V remote Proprietary 10 pin "D" special conector. Connection found on newer Sony consumer Video Cameras and for most Sony MiniDV & DVD Camcorders. A/V cable is Sony VMC-15FS


1    Audio out LEFT
2    LANC data*
3    S-video pin 1 & 2 (GND) also LANC GND
4    LANC +5VDC
5    S-video pin 4, chroma
6    Audio out RIGHT
7    Connecting this pin with 100k ohm resistor to GND (pin 3) activate Video Out on pin 9 - Without resistor =  LANC functions enabled
8    Composite video and R & L audio out common
9    Composite video out
10    S-video pin 3, luminance

*LANC interface available in some models only?

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10 pin Sony LANC proprietary of Sony 10-pin A/V & LANC cable connector connector layout
10 pin Sony LANC proprietary connector
at the SONY camcorder cable