The Digi PortServer TS is always a DTE device, asserting TxD, DTR, and RTS while monitoring RxD, DSR, CTS, DCD, and RI from the remote DCE device.

Description (may be empty)
1 RI  Ring Indicator
2 DSR  Data Set Ready
3 RTS  Request to Send
4 CGND  Chassis Ground*
5 TxD  Transmit Data
6 RxD  Receive Data
7 SGND  Signal Ground*
8 CTS  Clear to Send
9 DTR  Data Terminal Ready
10 DCD  Data Carrier Detect

*While the Digi user guide offers no expansion for either the CGND or SGND acronym labels, other Digi manuals make reference both to a "CGND" bonded to a connector shell or chassis and a separate and distinct "signal ground", allowing confident assumption of these descriptions. Furthermore, continuity testing performed on a bare PortServer TS 4 MEI showed no discernable difference between the CGND and SGND pins as measured from the metal chassis.

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10 pin RJ50 (10P10C) male connector layout
10 pin RJ50 (10P10C) male connector
at the Digi PortServer