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4 pin 3.5mm (2.5mm) plug connector layout
4 pin 3.5mm (2.5mm) plug connector
at the headset cable
Pinout compatibility:
  • Samsung Galaxy Indulge (SCH-r910)
  • Samsung Galaxy R (i9103)
  • Samsung Galaxy S (i9000)
  • Samsung Galaxy S 2 (SGH-I927)
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G (SGH-t959V)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Captivate (i897)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Continuum (i400)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G (D700)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate (i500)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (i777)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (T989)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (SPH-d710)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize (i500)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Showcase (i500)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (T959)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (P7510)
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 Sprint (P100)
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 T-Mobile (T849)
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 U.S. Cellular (i800)
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 Verizon (i800)
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.0 Wi-Fi Only (GT-P1010)
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9
  • Samsung Galaxy W (I8150)
should be compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000, P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1, 4G LTE, C3530, Ch@t 350, Galaxy 551 i5510, Galaxy 550 I5500, E2330, I100 Gem, i220 Code, i350 Intrepid, I9003 Galaxy SL, I9100 Galaxy S II, i997 Infuse 4G, Google/Samsung Nexus S I9023/I9020, Ch@t 335 S3350, Galaxy mini S5570, Wave 525 S5250, Star II S5260, Wave II S8530, S5780 Wave 578, Wave 533 S5330, Galaxy Gio S5660, Wave 723 S7230, Galaxy Ace S5830, Galaxy Fit S5670, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S WiFi 5.0, R910 Galaxy Indulge, S3850 Corby II, M190 Galaxy S Hoppin, M210S Wave2, M220L Galaxy Neo, M580 Replenish, C6712 Star II DUOS


Description wire color Galaxy Ace
1 Tip Left Audio Green Green
2 Ring1 Right Audio Red Black
3 Ring2 Ground Copper Copper
4 Sleeve Mic + Black Red


Same pinout as Apple iPhone/iPad, HTC, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia S etc. Note: pinout is different from Galaxy S i9000.

Resistance between Ring2 and Sleve, when pushbutton is...
... pressed 96 ohm
 ... not pressed 2.3k ohm (on SGSII headset - 1,7 kOhm)

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